Friday, March 9, 2012

Important... Radio Silence?

Ladies and gentlemen, let me bring you into a new fold...

These past 9 weeks, you've followed me on a journey toward mindfulness, and today, I ask you to follow me on a journey of self-awareness.

I'm taking a sabbatical. A real-life, pack your suitcases, say goodbye for a while - sabbatical. It might mean that the only blog posts you see relate to my mindfulness challenge. And for that I apologize, but I need to do some things for myself. So family, friends, strangers, on Sunday, I'm picking up and leaving DFW. I'm going to live alone in the hill country for a while and sort myself out.

Know that I'm okay, the people I love are okay, I just need a little time to myself. It doesn't mean I'm getting plastic surgery (again) or that I'm fighting with my loved ones, I'm just taking a little break. I don't know how long I'll be gone. Long enough to patch up myself and come home better. Bart is sticking around in Dallas, and he's also fine, but likely a little lonely with me gone for an extended period. Call him if you feel so inclined.

I appreciate everyone's respect during this time of change, and I also expect all of you to look here for updates. If you call, I might be busy, please understand. I'm perfectly capable of successfully disappearing for a while.

I love all of you. In the name of mindfulness, you'll be with me on this journey.


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  3. Katy,
    I did that last year in Hill Country for a few days to figure out somethings in my career and in my life. I had lost career and my home. I spend some time in prayers without internet, TV... to figure out it. Then, my boyfriend & I rode through the Hill country for a day. It was the most peaceful time in my life. Then after that, I prepared to go to China after my time in Hill Country. Katy, everyone needs to time to write, think, prayer when making huge choices or figure out something. I don't know what is happening in your world but I will encourage you to say, " You go girl!."

  4. That is a very hippie thing to do.