Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Home Now

I'm starting to decompress from the weeks on the road... so I'm working on a recap of the last 2, at least. Meanwhile, I'm busy with the mundanity of catching up on laundry, cleaning the house (which I left dreadfully dirty) and running errands.It's been great to eat, sleep and play on my own schedule, but I have to acquiesce to the home routine. Seems like the same place I left, alright... these are my clothes in the closet, and my art on the walls, but I think I'm looking at them with a slightly different perspective.

Some of it is actually different. For instance, we came home to 3 new pieces of furniture, one of which was in a box unassembled. No note. There is a curling iron in the bathroom that is not mine, and... perhaps the most curious - this note was on the coffee table, written on the back of a map I left behind. I don't recognize the handwriting:

I've been analyzing the handwriting sample... I have a guess as to whom the author is.

I'm grateful to have family and friends willing to put up with our cats reign of terror while we were gone. Especially those of you who had to deal with the many bodily fluids they used as weapons. Enzo says he's really sorry. As you can imagine, we took a lot of photos and we're going through them, so expect a full summary of the trip soon.

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