Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Walkabout Phoenix

Last night, we drove up to Phoenix from Tucson, it was late and we were tired from two days at camp and on the mountains. On the way into town, just over the car, I saw a fireball, otherwise known as a bolide over the interstate. For those of you who haven't seen or heard of these things, they are spectacular. Brighter than the average meteor, they are one of the most enchanting things to see in the sky - for this stargazer, anyway. I saw one during the Perseids meteor shower in 2009, while we were driving home with the top down at about 4am. It lit up the car and hung in the night sky for so long that we were able to perceive its light in the car, look up, and watch it change colors from white to blue to red before fizzling out with a pop. The one I saw last night over I-10 wasn't that bright or long-lasting, but just as special. These things hardly ever happen, and here I've seen two of them. From the passenger's seat, Bart saw the light in the sky and looked up just in time to hear me shout.

We've seen magic in the sky this trip, just as I had hoped we would. A beautiful mountain sky, unreal sunsets and this bolide have already made it memorable.

No pictures to post from today, as most of them have to do with my secret Phoenix mission, which took a large part of the day. It was a lovely day here, though... about 72 degrees, full sun, and lots to see in town. We packed up early and headed to our destination to enjoy the beautiful warm desert colors. Today was a much different crowd at the secret location... instead of being 40 years younger than everyone around us, as we were at Catalina State Park (apparently, Christmas is the time for retired persons to stay there), we were among the oldest folks around today. I can't say much else about the clandestine mission, except that the stars were vivid and sharp, but a little hollow... we sighted a rare pair of blue-tailed swallows... made an excellent new friend... and I wasn't wounded as badly as the previous days on the trip, although the secret mission did draw some blood.

Tomorrow, we visit an art exhibit I have to see before leaving Phoenix and heading north to Sedona/Jerome to find camp for the next couple of nights. I now hurt, somewhat blissfully, from head to toe, and I plan to rest up tonight. New adventures tomorrow.

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  1. Rare, blue-tailed swallows, eh? Interesting...