Friday, December 23, 2011

In Las Cruces, I Wait For I-10

Day 2 is now gone, with much less activity to report than yesterday... since we slept late and were snowed in. They shut down all the roads headed west or north of here, so escaping into Arizona today as planned was not possible. It did give us time to regroup, reorganize and think a little for the days ahead.

Sometimes it bites you in the ass not to have a plan... spontanaeity is my default mode, but there are moments you just can't improvise enough. We learned some valuable lessons for the rest of the trip, for instance, 30 degrees is a lot colder in the desert than in Arkansas. The wind bites through everything, including the 'air' cast on my broken foot... creating a really cranky lady armed with a peg leg of aluminum. Add to that the fact that when you wear the proper layers and gear, it's hard to maneuver anything around. Tents, blankets, tarps, everything becomes unwieldy. We're ditching the 3-season tent, planning for more windbreaks and DEFINITELY not sleeping in in lieu of setting up camp tomorrow.

Tomorrow, we'll be headed to Catalina State Park oustide of Tuscon, where there are some historical hikes and decent views, and Monday to nearby Saguaro National Park. We'll be under a clear sky with very few neighbors because of the holiday, so I'll get my first communion with the stars out here. I'm pretty excited. Some of the photos I've seen from Saguaro give me goosebumps. I can't wait to focus my lens there.

I'm glad Mother Nature decided we needed to regroup here for a couple of days, and even shared a peek of the sunset behind the clouds today...

Now to go throw some snowballs before packing up and getting some rest.

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