Thursday, April 7, 2011

That's Mitosis, Homes!

Looks like all that RnR (rinse and repeat) worry is doing something besides prematurely aging my face...

Behold, tiny grape life... Full of my future grapefriend's DNA and ready to brave the journey from twine to trellis:

And again, peeking out of the crazy witchcraft blue shelter that I put up against my better scientific judgment in the hopes that they get a better shot:

The party is on, but I still have plenty of RnR worrying to do, these two are relying on the still-dormant plants to pollinate. And if I can't summon some action from the nearby vines, these girls will grow old together, curly haired spinsters who lean on the fence all day and gossip.

Let's just hope the gentlemen-lover plants get the nerve to sprout and ask these ladies to tangle on the vine, so to speak...

Your Fairy Grapemother

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