Tuesday, April 19, 2011

All My [Furry] Children

Sad that All My Children will finally come to an end and housewives (and husbands) will have to watch reality tv or sitcom reruns during the day while folding their whites...

Bart and I don't have children, except for our furbabies, who usually fend for themselves. I admit, even though I work from home a lot, that I neglect their hygeine. It's not like I'm sitting at home watching my soaps. And after all, cats self-groom, right?

Well... some cats are capable of keeping up with it. Poor tungsten, well he's just got too much to deal with. He's got a double coat, and I always joke about using his fur to soak up oil or stuff pillows or something. You just don't know what kind of a fur machine this cat is. But after today, I can tell you where the tungsten tumbleweeds drifting through the house come from.

Cats shed fully twice a year - and a lot in between, but when you have two coats, that means twice the bounty for the shedding tool.

He doesn't realize how much he needs this brushing, and it takes two of us to do it. I usually hold his front end and distract him while Bart works the back and haunches, which harbor the most undercoat. He likes the attention at first, and nuzzles my hand but soon I'm holding a couple handfuls of scruff and trying not to get bitten. Today, we harvested at least enough to spin into a headband's worth of yarn.

When you have a giant pile of cat hair, what else can you do but make hair dolls?

Bart fashioned this little fella out of twisted tungsten tumbleweeds and even gave him a little hairy heart. The heart is the strange(er) looking lump on the right side of his chest... it doesn't matter.

Anyway, we gave a little frankenstein juice to our friend and he immediately wanted to make friends with his former partner in crime.

They had a really good time inspecting boxes together. That is until his little hair-heart fell off.

It was all downhill from there.

After that, we said goodbye to our frankenstein hairdoll. It was a good 10 minutes for all of us, but in the end, there are things that are just too weird for Bart and me and the little tumbleweed man with a heart of fluff had to go.

And we had to shower from playing with cat hair for 10 minutes.

Won't be my last hair doll.


  1. If you need some white cat fur let me know and I'll send Porsche down for some grooming. You might be lucky and get a dingleberry from her too ;p

  2. I love this one Katy and your right. It's to much for him with trying to keep the extra toes clean and his coat to. He's a furball like his brother Jr, I think we going to have to shave him down soon.