Friday, March 18, 2011

RnR Worry About Grapes

OCD types know a thing or two about repetition... we belong to a league of hand-washers, door-lockers, and light-switch-on/off'ers. Rinse and repeat (R&R) is something that happens pretty often throughout the day.

Today's R&R - Worry about the grapes we planted last weekend. During the week I've done a few more prep steps, mulching, training, watering to make sure they get a good start. Just outside the window where I work most days, I can see one of the plants, and I swear it's telling me it's unhappy!

I put the blue grow tubes over the vines like the nursery said, and added soil acidifier and fertilizer.. I've been giving them plenty of water, but not too much. The sun finally came out today and gave them a wake-up, but I'm worried that all 6 of them won't put on growth. Two are already showing signs of life, with little buds of side growth popping out of the vine, but the other 4 are still dormant.

If I don't get the self-fertile varieties to grow at least, I won't have any grapes at all..

So I'm sending out mental energy and hoping to fertilize them with worry power. I thought about playing them music or getting them a friend - a dog might be too destructive but I could keep some pigeons? They would keep the vines company, and poop all over my yard too.

What if the spots I chose to plant them were not sunny enough, we'll have sad shady growth. Or maybe the holes don't drain because of the clay surrounding the amended dirt, their little grape feet will be wet and they'll suffocate. Of course I could have put the shelters on wrong and they aren't getting the right light or ventilation.

I read all the instructions and tried to do everything correctly... Now I just have to trust that nature, in combination with my nurturing will be enough for them to grow up. Until they get old enough to survive on their own, I'll just keep worrying.

This sounds like a sick allegory to child-rearing. I think if I were to have 6 children instead of 6 grapevines my head would implode with anxiety.

Are you all right in there? Are you sitting comfortably? This is your grape-godmother speaking, hello?

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