Thursday, March 10, 2011

First, plant grapes. Next, worry about grapes.

Muscadine Love?

In my lap, a cat sleeps soundly
On the tele... discovery
Out 'round back, my grapes are snoozing
On Saturday, I'll let them breathe

Till their planting, I imagine
Their strong arms spread across my yard
The smell of their leaves, a story
Their heavy fruit, a willing bard

A painted fence, their home will be
They'll climb for air, up trellised string
And peek beyond our backyard bounds
And stretch out in Texas sun... free.

I should curtsy to them, I think
For once the Muscadine grew here
Without my help, it held fast then
To riverbanks and fields nearby

Time has lost the poor scuppernong
Wild sanctuaries are long gone
But I'll make a place for new friends
And in my garden... history - Lives on.

I'm going to try to make a place for some natives to grow up here. Long before people changed the water patterns of Texas rivers, muscadines grew wild and thrived on the heat and sun. I don't have a green thumb, but mother nature sure does, and if she says they'll grow here, who am I to stop them?!

Plant a ringer this spring, something that's from here and adapted to our conditions to help your own enviroment live in harmony.

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