Wednesday, October 19, 2011

New Hobby

I like inventing new ways to make people uncomfortable in close quarters. I have a number of irrational pet peeves, so I feel like I'm exacting a little bit of revenge on the world for being so annoying. Since the ideas of talking on the phone in the bathroom and eating others' food make me want to shower immediately and disinfect, I usually invade personal space instead.

This week's game involves my intimate time spent on an airplane with [presumably] perfect strangers. I decided this week, instead of sketching clouds outside or reading my new book, that I'd create a new hobby for my trip.

For this game, you need a pen, a piece of paper, and a crazy look on your face. (Cat shown for display only):

Then, you simply need to take your crazy face, look at each person in the cabin in random order, and write down a word on the paper. I went around looking at my fellow passengers, neighbor in the aisle included, and free-associating words to them. It especially helps if you turn the card around every once in a while so the finished product looks like a loosely-organized, but dissasociated thought plan. Use caution, this makes people pretty uncomfortable once they notice what you're doing. Also, don't attempt if anyone can say you look even remotely like a terrorist.

My neighbor eventually got up out of his seat and stood at the back of the plane until time to land. Mission accomplished: more personal space for me & a new way to pass the time.

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