Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Is It Too Much to Ask?

I understand there are neanderthals out there who can't spell.. I even understand poor typing skills that result in short, blunt phrases. I'm willing to forgive grammar, irritating cliches and plenty of repeating.

But please, I'm begging the universe, with all of my being, can someone have the common decency to answer a craigslist ad or reply with a FUCKING COMPLETE SENTENCE?!


Excuse me? did you read my ad/response/title/posting? Could you elaborate on the info you seek? Give me something to go on here...


Not even a complete word?! I posted pics you asshole! At least qualify your caveman grunt with a 'more'..

"ugh. more. pics."

I vehemently disagree that craigslist is the best classifieds idea ever. It seems like nothing less than an excuse for people to revert back to a few evolutionary states ago when we first starting making noises at each other.

Here's my response: "Piss off." That's a complete sentence, it says everything I need it to say, and gets my point across. Anything else is a waste of my time and above your head anyway. Every action gets an equal and opposite reaction in my world, pal.

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